Vivekananda Study Circle : Vivekananda Study Circle is also conducted daily in the hostel. The students speak about freedom fighters, leaders of our nation, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Saradaamma, Swami Vivekananda and others. Warden Swamiji also explains to them about various topics of national and general interest. Daily important news are also briefed.

Bharatha Natyam Dance Class: For the past 20 years, students are taught bharathanatyam dance along with folk dances. It is taught by professional and eminent teachers. Every year more than 60 students undergo the dance practices.

Carnatic Music class: Carnatic Vocal: More than 40 boys  undergo the Carnatic vocal music under an eminent Carnatic vocal music teacher. This vocal singing help the students to sing in prayers and cultural programmes. These students participate and bring laurels to the school in Music competitions conducted by different institutions, Government educational department etc.

Bhajan class: Bhajan classes are compulsory for all the students. It is conducted in the morning hours. Bhajan songs of all the eminent poets, alvars, nayanmars, Bharathiar, are taught. This practice help the students to sing in temples, ashramas and also bhajan competitions and T.V. Bhajan programme.

Key-board: Key-board also enriches the music knowledge of our students. Around 60 students undergo this practice.

Tabla (percussion instrument): An eminent tabla master teaches playing of tabla for our students on week-end and holidays. It enriches the Vocal singing, instrumental music and bhajan songs. Our students play tabla daily in the morning and evening prayers in our temple and also in our cultural programmes.