Promotion of Indian culture and traditions

  1. During religious festivals such as Shivaratri, Saraswati Puja and Ganesh Puja, they decorate their dormitories nicely, build temple models and put deities inside and perform puja themselves with bhajans and aarati.
  2. Since above two years we are holding Bharatanatyam classes for students who are interested, engaging an expert teacher. Our students are good in bharatnatyam, folk and tribal dances. They have won many laurels in various cultural competitions.
  3. Twice a week, interested students attend Carnatic music classes, and later take part in competitions also.

Propagation of Gandhian values: Simple living, High Thinking: The swami in-charge of the hostel and house-masters live a simple life, setting a living example for our students to imbibe those values of simple living and noble thinking. They take care of the students’ education, health and other needs, and as they stay with students in the hostel, the students develop a brotherly love and affection towards them.

Dignity of labour: After the morning tuition classes the students start community service for 30 minutes every day. The zeal with which the students conduct these seemingly ‘menial’ works has drawn appreciation from innumerable visitors of the Vidyalaya.

Self-reliance, that is, not depending on others for what one can do oneself: To this end, the students are motivated to clean their own rooms, wash their own clothes, clean their own utensils before and after food, participate in serving food in the dining hall, etc. There are prizes for the cleanest and the best maintained room. Vidyalaya students are known for keeping these virtues throughout their life.

Promotion and development of the local Tamil language:

1. This school has the distinction of having spearheaded the production of the first Tamil Encyclopaedia under the able leadership of Sri T.S. Avinashilingam Chettiyar. Tamil scholars all over the state are indepted to the first Headmaster of the school, Sri Periyasamy Thuran, who was the chief editor. He and his team made an excellent and devoted contribution to the awakening of the Tamil people and Tamil language.

2. The Vidyalaya Bhagavathars are known for popularising Tamil devotional songs in this region. They also take initiative in mobilising local musicians under the banner, ‘Isai Mandram’, which organises many musical programmes in local language. They have composed and set to tune many poems and songs. Sri Periyasamy Thuran, the first headmaster, was himself a distinguished Tamil poet. His lyrics are popular and are sung by eminent singers of carnatic music in South India.

3. The medium of instruction is Tamil in our school. The school has the distinction of maintaining its admission demand and relevance in the present day education scenario by introducing innovative programmes in tune with the times. This policy has the dual benefit of promoting the regional language and also imparting the latest educational practices to our staff and students.

4. To promote Tamil culture and heritage, literary competitions in regional language and cultural programmes are organised from time to time.